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MY INITIAL IDEAS:To create this commercial brief I  had the “wow!” factor in mind all the time and the very small budget.Since the first meeting I held with my client Vicky, I tried to emphatic listen to what she had in mind.The colour scheme, wedding theme, her preferences and remind her of the limitations and what I could offer on a very tight budget.Vicky, wanted a simple, rustic, autumn, familiar and cosy wedding.It wasn’t her first wedding, hence the simplicity.She also wanted an elegant, modern, finale effect, so I thought of beautiful large and inexpensive flowers. Carnations, roses and sunflower, gerberas with hypericum berries and lots of salal leaves.MY FOCUS AND AUTUMN WEDDING THEME So l bared in mind simplicity, the Autumn season and flowers that would create spaces of an elusive, cosy, elegance atmosphere. Simpler sensations, instead of opting for bouquets made with multiple flowers, put more containers with a single type of flower in each, fills in more and gives a more modern air. I thought of using similar containers of different sizes to add variety and give a more personal and consistent air to the place. CHOISE OF FLOWERS I choose large flowers like elegant tall and big roses, sunflowers, gerberas and carnations to make a large tall centre table with the table names and the wedding guest list, instead of spreading the flowers all over the reception area. Loads of carnations become luxurious carpets of colour when arranged in large quantities. Thought of placing a bunch in a container, forming a soft ball, the effect is simply sublime. In my choice of flowers it was also important to be considerate when choosing the aromas of flowers; very intense aromas can spoil the taste and aroma of the food.I focussed on key points of the place, where the guests will not give much importance, such as corridors corners etc., these places do not need to be so decorated as central points of the reception area. USING ALL THE SENSESVision is not always the most important element in the evaluation of a space. Unconsciously, the human being feels happier in an environment where he feels pleasant most enveloping smells. So, I thought of using golden cans the bride collected previously and fill them up with aromatic herbs her mother had in the garden, (lavender, rosmarin and thyme).So that the entrance  and the window sills of the place would be very stimulating scented.FRUITY LOOKThe autumn season fruits; Apples are very affordable decorative elements. We agreed using different colour apples around the pumpkin table centres to give a more modern look.  CANDLE WARMTHI never underestimate the power of candlelight! Using lots of led candles along with apples and flowers create a sensational effect. I see and treat the candles as bouquets of flowers and will fill the place with groups of carved apples with yellow led light candles in the middle, to give a cosy family homier look and keep everybody safe. SEASONAL PRODUCTS Each season provides items that added to the floral arrangements can produce admirable images. In the autumn there are cheap pumpkins of all kinds, shapes and colours. So Vicky and I finally agreed Using engraved pumpkins  with led lights candles and colour scheme ranging from green to yellows, oranges, reds and purples tones. To decorate the tables using carved pumpkins with foam roses, gerberas, hyperucum berries, carnations, sun flowers  and salal.And place several carved pumpkins with led candles  and apples on the window sills  and at entrance.TIME VS CEREMONYWe opted not to use flowers at the ceremony to greatly reduce the budget, after all the wedding ceremony only lasts about 1 hour, while the reception takes about 5 to 6 hours. Instead we used led lights and pumpkins at the ceremony and while the guests were taking photos these were taken to the reception and used in the window sills and reception entrance. Minimalism is very in fashion today, so I also opt in choosing minimalist table centres, as they are super fashionable and very cost effective therefor reducing huge quantities of flowers.I decided to be creative and used the resources offered by the catering service, simple and basic table top tops that looked very elegant overlaid with round autumn colours runners of different colours , giving a sense of elegance and filling up more the spaces and the table place.THE OBJECTIVES AND ADVANTAGES OF A COMMERCIAL BRIEFIt sets your web designers down the right pathThe commercial Brief is a document created during the “Definition” phase of project development. The primary goal is to inspire creativity in your design and inform your client about your business and marketing ideas. It helps lay the foundation for professional florists to develop creative deliverables for their client. A good commercial brief will answer these basic questions:What is this project?Who is it for?Why are we doing it?What needs to be done?Sometimes clients will come to us with a Commercial Brief already written as part of their requirements documents. If not, we collaborate with the client in order to develop one. A Creative Brief benefits both the client as well as the florist designer or florist business.The Client Benefits:Clarifies the goals and objectives.Articulates facts and assumptions.All stakeholders can provide input.Builds consensus between the client and the florist.Provides criteria for evaluation.Holds the florist designer accountable.Indicates metrics for success.The Design Florist Benefits.Provides background for the design.Uncovers truths and insights about the business.Reveals personality and values of the client.Emphasizes buy-in by client.Justifies designs and helps to avoid scope creep.Informs all members  involvedProvides criteria for evaluation It should have with it accompanying documents that will provide more details for the florist design.List of a few ancillary documents that help add more specifics to the Commercial Brief.Budget — how much can be spent to get this developed?Background — what is the background of the project? Why is it being done? Is there any research that helps to describe the situation?Target audience — who are they? what do they already think about this subject? Is there anything that should be avoided?Competitors: Who is the competition? What are they telling the audience that I should be telling them?Mandatory elements — such as the client’s theme and style guide.Timeline — how soon is this needed? How many (revisions)meetings will this project undergo?Approvals — who needs to give the “okay” on the client side, what is the approval process?A creative brief is very important and beneficial because they assist in pinpointing what is the purpose of your business, what services you can offer also it is directed towards your future clients needs. It is also a good way to promote yourself and your business. It should be clear and provide all the questions your clients might ask you if you want to have your success guaranteed and start building up your clientele. The goal in the questions asked are to generate strategy. To assist in me in planning. To aid me in my design, to structure communication and to help me keep a formal record of the client’s duties and responsibilities, payment agreements and policies as well as my duties and obligations.THE DISADVANTAGES OF A COMMERCIAL  BRIEFThe biggest disadvantage are on one hand, a commercial brief advertises your business, this is regarded as the life-blood of a modern business; on the other hand, you can loose money and time doing it and your ideas can get stolen. The client might only consult you to get some ideas and use it as their own.Customer can get better deals and quotations from another competitor and you might not secure a contract.It can also encourages the sale of Inferior projects and lower the florist designer or business prices.